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Asbestos and mesothelioma disease lurking Firefighters

Medical - doctor Susan Salehpour

Natural mineral that is composed

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Medical - doctor Susan Salehpour

Asbestos is a natural mineral that is composed of very small fibers. A variety of known diseases caused by asbestos exposure include:
- Asbestosis
- Lung cancer
- Mesothelioma, or cancer of the pleura and peritoneum
- Cancer of the larynx
- Noncancerous disorders in the pleura

Byshtrazbst inhaled through the lungs exhale out, but some remained in the lungs and the membranes covering the lungs sticking and causing damage and disease. The particles can no longer be removed from the lungs by coughing, gathered in lung tissue and cause inflammation.

This disease is called asbestosis. Also in the lining of the pleura that surrounds the lungs such cases, fibrous tissue formation and fibrous tissue opening prevents the lungs during breathing. Asbestosis, a chronic and progressive disease not cancer is to reduce the size of the lung, thickening of the lung tissue and limit the work of breathing can lead to death over the years. Currently there is no cure for the disease and only with the patient's lung transplantation can temporarily freed from death.

Mesothelioma is a cancer of the pleura or lung (or peritoneum in the abdomen) is a rare disease in the general population and more than 80 percent of cases are caused by exposure to asbestos. Slykvf studies in America show that among the 17 800 workers insulation with asbestos-exposed, 8% of them (about 1424 people) due to the risk of mesothelioma, their lives lost, while the incidence of mesothelioma in that time, 12 cases per one million men and only 2 to 3 cases per one million women.

Akhyrnshan that even short-term exposure studies (2-1 years) with small amounts of any type of asbestos can lead to increased incidence of mesothelioma, or cancer of the pleura. A lot of other people catching family who live with the workers in asbestos exposure have been reported.

Revealed after 30 years

. Currently there is no cure for the disease, and most patients die within a short time unfortunately.

It is estimated that for every 170 tonnes of asbestos consumption in the country, at least two deaths each year from lung cancer and mesothelioma caused one death occurs. Calculations referred to Tvsavynn is based on the model provided by the doctor. The profiles provided by the International Labour Organization (ilo) of the asbestos situation in Iran, only for asbestos 78/412/248 kg imported in 2000, it is estimated that in the period after 30 to 40 years around 1359 deaths will have. However, the imports (sometimes even larger amounts in the form of unregistered and informal) process is ongoing and routine, resulting in the death continually and will continue annually.

Are all forms of asbestos, including chrysotile asbestos are carcinogenic or white?

Some older studies carcinogenic chrysotile asbestos white or viewed with skepticism. But today strong evidence of carcinogenic asbestos and there is no doubt that chrysotile or white asbestos carcinogenic to experts on the left.

A global ban

Resolution of the World Health Organization (who) in 2005 on the prevention and control of cancer, all members of the World Health Organization were asked to face avoidable cancers caused by environmental and occupational exposures are especially more attention be paid.

Since asbestos is one of the most important occupational carcinogens and cause half of all deaths from these cancers, the thirteenth meeting of the Joint Committee
 ILO / WHO in the field of occupational health and stressed that special attention should be to remove asbestos-related diseases.

The resolution clearly states that any exposure to asbestos (asbestos including white) can cause a range of diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma (cancer of the pleura), asbestosis (fibrosis of the lungs, leading to lung disease) and the thickness and other diseases of the pleura. As well as evidence of laryngeal carcinoma and other cancers there by this matter.

asbestos-related diseases is to stop using all types.

ILO despite the fact that white asbestos or chrysotile in 1986 raised the issue of safe use of the resolution at a meeting in 2006 with the release of asbestos consumption
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