Monday, 3 October 2016

Watch out for the refrigerator eggs in the body

Watch out for the refrigerator eggs

At worst, the eggs get a sudden movement

Smily Team
Watch out for the refrigerator eggs in the body Approximately all the refrigerators are standard in factional be placed on the door rack for eggs. Eggs should not, however, support the store, because in the worst case, the eggs are perishable.
 At worst, the eggs get a sudden movement dozens of times per day - depending on how often the fridge taking place.
Very concerned about the pollution egg does not Hiiumaa Hovi believes, however, should be. But especially true foodies, this one thing you should take into consideration.Eggs in the refrigerator should be kept in such a way that they can not hölskymään. Egg rack suits best to the preservation of boiled chicken eggs. Food Safety Authority Evira's recommendation, the egg storage temperature is about 15 degrees. This temperature is not at home not like a wine cellar, and a walk-in cupboard, very few have.Recommended temperature 15 applies mainly to storage, says Senior Officer Taina Lehto Stone Evira.Lehto stone itself recommends that the egg in the refrigerator. However, the refrigerator is not the coolest place.Before baking eggs certainly worth having room temperature, making them more suitable for example for baking.
Egg sales period is 28 days of laying. However, it is only a best-before date, and the eggs will be also followed. That time, the eggs will remain well also at room temperature.If the eggs stored at room temperature, then the egg yolk and the structure more easily loosened, says researcher Jaakko Hiiumaa Hovi Resources Centre Lukesta.Eggs and to store it into their carton, so that the liquid can evaporate as little as possible