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A heart-friendly meals are becoming more common

A heart-friendly meals are becoming

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A heart-friendly meals are becoming more common Municipal enterprise Mamsellin director Tuija Vuorinen says that the matter is important, especially in Kainuu and Kajaani, which are still lagging health statistics from him.

If you look at these statistics, which are measured in underlying factors of life expectancy prognosis of, yes Kainuu statistics are ugly. We have risk factors for so much, that we here in Miss to be a responsible actor in public, and influence, says Vuorinen.The project beeing included, as customers in a positive direction over is believed to have good effects. Case raised the first Kajaani Regional Diabetes Association and the Kainuu Heart Association, on the basis of which the initiative went to Miss happy to participate in the project. Vuorinen, the introduction of character or changes in meals will not accrue any additional costs of an enterprise.The price does not rise. When we make a menu, the background is the price approved by the client. I think this is an important message and a valuable commitment to us. A healthy diet can also eat cheaply, says Vuorinen.Mamsellin restaurants will be closely monitored, how much of what the meal is eaten, so possible changes caused by the introduction of the character of people ateriointitapoihin can be monitored in the future.Kajaani Miss introduction of the Heart Symbol has been nearly a year-long process, and the matter has been promoted in conjunction with the Regional Diabetes Association Kajaani, Kainuu association of brain and Kainuu Heart Association.Kajaani Mamsellin service designer Mervi Mustonen says that the food had already been examined before the introduction of the Heart Symbol.
 We've been watching, in particular the use of whole grains, as well as the amount of salt and fat. When planning the menu, we believe that foods meet the criteria. Now we look more specifically all recipes and observe that everything is in accordance with the criteria.For example, Macaroni has shifted largely of whole grains and the amount of salt has been deducted. Some of the recipes is modified to comply with the Heart Symbol, while others remain unchanged.All meals will continue to not meet the criteria for the Heart Symbol. Mustonen says that there is still no accurate data on how often meals are available.Kaikkienhan need not be Heart Symbol products. The customer can thus choose from the menu to offer the most favored option. Schools is still more food options, so in that case, at least two food must meet the recommendations, says Mustonen.Kela support student meals have been in terms of salt, fat and fiber with respect to a few years. Kela specified criteria in August, and they meet the criteria for the Heart Symbol and dietary recommendations. Mustonen notes that, as a rule, the Heart Symbol objective is to promote the diners making healthy choices, for example, staff restaurants.

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