Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Healthy habits that make you handsome

Many of us have problems growing edem

What to do for malignity?

Smily Team
Many of us have problems growing edema, especially when Karaganda. If overweight or not enough exercise is can also grow the edema. What to do for malignity?
Here is some advice for the handsome guy edema:
1. Drink a glass of water before eating. Babushka water and less your able to eat.
2. Eat more often but little. A banana or apple can have snack.
3. Reduce eating rice. If previously-RATIO 2 Cup Rice, ONLY 1 Cup of rice.
4. eat slower. When you eat slow, feel the babushka and reduced your eat.
5. To Exercise 3 TO 4 times per week. Try to aerobic exercise 30 minutes to an hour.
6. Exercises to strengthen the stomach. Study of exercise to stronger stomach, stomach crunches. (in photo)
7. Have a valid stance (posture). Don't be Cuba to sitting and support.
8. Avoid the sweet beverages like soft drinks first, iced tea and juices. This makes me fat and contributes to the size of edema.
9. Eat breakfast every day. When you have breakfast, you gumming coming lunch and grow your eat.
10. Reduce Drinking wine and beer. Balalaika that a double chin.
Food 11. Less so. The Salt is so bad and delivers Panamanians.

12. Eat 2 Cup of vegetables and 2 Cup of fruit daily. Avoid the fat ones and oily food.
13. Walk frequently and up to 1 OR 2 stories of stairs.
14. Reduce stress and sleep enough.
15. Be diligent. Continue the good lifestyle and regular exercise to not grow the edema. Good luck.