Friday, 4 November 2016

High blood pressure now and low blood pressure

By Dr. Willie T. Ong

High blood the blood pressure

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By Dr. Willie T. Ong
1. Blood pressure now I was 140 over 90. Matuturing high blood pressure now is it? What should I do?
Answer: soon to be high blood the blood pressure now 140 over 90. We call it is borderline high blood pressure now. First, we must look carefully read your blood pressure now. Always know if it 140 over 90 down to normal bp or mounting on 140 over 90.
When down to normal (sometimes your BP is 130 over 80) is still available it's lifestyle changes like weight reduction, decrease salt, stop smoking and decrease the amount of work and problems.
But if the BP is always 140 over 90 or has mounting on this level we need magpasuri doctor. Besides lifestyle changes mentioned, maybe we should take maintenance medicine because you high blood pressure now. It is now your doctor.
2. Blood pressure now I was 90 over 60. Low blood with me?
Answer: probably not. Many people have blood pressure now 90 over 60 but normal for them. Most of them are women and no one feels. Indeed is beautiful this blood pressure now.
But with some time too low blood pressure 90 over 60. If you have been feeling nausea or panghihina, to consult a doctor. Can the levif ipasuri or complete blood count to know how anemic or not. When normal levif results and other laboratory flooded again, meaning it is normal for you blood pressure now 90 over 60.


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