Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The car donation or sale for spare parts

The car donation or sale

Your car is old or faulty

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The car donation or sale for spare parts
Your car is old or faulty, it costs you a fee insurance, technical-control and other car ... Upon reflection therefore looking to get rid of your vehicle but you do not know how. You certainly do not want to scrap yourself and you say it could still be used even if it needs a little maintenance, and well you have two options available to you.
If you wish to make a car donation, it happens in the same way that a sale

By cons, in the registration and the sale of paper, it will be noted in any letter the following phrase to keep proof that you have to give a car "gratuitously ceded  (date) at (time )." You will also note thereafter the state in which you gave your car with the technical control. Of course, giving the car to one of your children, friends, family or spouse does nothing changes in administrative procedures, nor the fact that this is a car without a license is given.

Then it will be the person you made the car donation to redo the registration certificate in his name, make sure the vehicle and of course change the license plate. So you are covered in case of risks.

The association "the heart of the cars'

Another way to give your car is to give to those in need for whom a car is essential. Here is a very good initiative by this association specialized in car donation since 2005. If you qualify you also have on their website a form to complete to get a car in exchange for a small contribution.

The ads of scams that begin with "Give car" or "To give car" ...

The announcements of this kind we see more and more often on auto classifieds sites. Malicious people simulate a car donation to try to rip you later on the pretext of shipping or other silly reasons in order to steal your money. Be very careful with these alleged donnations vehicle, the vast majority of enter-they are scams, go your way. Car Donation is usually done within a family, friends or acquaintances, often between strangers.

If you want to sell your vehicle for parts

To sell a car, even "for parts", it is mandatory to pass the TC (technical inspection), but he does not have to be free of defects, it may also declare unfit to drive traffic. Moreover, it is preferable to establish a paper that will be mentioned " Sales of the car in the state for spare parts ." In case of dispute you will be protected.

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