Sunday, 6 November 2016

Dr. Willie T. Ong

Many Nanganganak Philippines Many pregnant do not do to protect their children. Here's the tips for pregnancy and for men also.
For Pregnant:
1. A PREGNANT 4 substances in the body: Calcium, iron, folic acid and protein. So Drink 4 Cup of milk (Low-fat milk) every day. Eating eggs, meat and liver to get protein. Eat also maberdeng vegetables high in folic acid like spinach, Napa cabbage, Moringa leaves and sweet potato tops.
2. Avoid too sweet treats and maybe you a-diabetes.

3. Keep the correct weight. Bad too fat and too skinny enough that more nutrients.
4. No smoking and drink wine. If you can stop, be abnormal your baby. Never different alcohol.
5. Reducing my stress and problems. Many pregnant when the lonely nakapanganak. This is called post-partum depression. Need the care and support of men to surpass it.
6. Do not take lightly of medicine because it might harm the child. Ask first and his check up your ob doctor. Multivitamins is safe to drink.
7. Women, more thoroughly to conceive before you reach the age of 35. Are in 35, mounting that our chance to have down's syndrome (Mongoloid) and other pain child. Be careful.
For Men:
I have advice to maintain volume and zeal of semen (sperm count) of men.
1. not painitan your scrotum (egg or pain. Pain is the semen of men. When Nainitan, can die the semen.
2. you jeepney driver, a thick mattress your chair. Be careful of machine and maybe finish cooking your semen.

3. Avoid also term cycling. You can also always caught mabaog because your pain.
4. Do not wear masisikip to briefs. To always fresh, to boxer shorts only.
5. Eat Cheese. The cheese is zinc reserves that need semen. It is also a stronger sex drive.
6. WAIT FOR 3 or more days with sex. You must first make a semen body to big tsansang makabuntis. Good luck.


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