Monday, 3 October 2016

Generic drug may increase the number of heart problems
The British Medical Journal study analyzed data filed with more than 10 million people using anti-inflammatory drugs.

Their average age was 77 years. The participants lived in England, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.
These data were compared to those who do not use anti-inflammatory drugs.
It was found that anti-inflammatory drugs-fed risk of being hospitalized for cardiac problems were compared with others increased by 19 per cent.
Commonly used NSAIDs include ibuprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen.
The researchers point out that the subjects were on average relatively old, and that their health status

was no longer optimal. The results have hardly says anything about the impact of anti-inflammatory drugs could be less than 65 years of heart health.
The study, however, may be relevant to the health of more than 65-year-olds in mind.
Senior-aged eat anti-inflammatory drugs are often due to joint pain. because of continuing pain anti-inflammatory drugs consumed on a daily basis for long periods.

Heart problems and joint pains often afflict retirement age of patients at the same time.
Already in the past have suggested that heart disease and anti-inflammatory drugs are not the best possible combination. A recent study confirmed this information.
The British Heart Foundation recommends that older patients use NSAIDs at all times the minimum required amount, and that they may eat them in the shortest possible time.
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